Home or Workplace Energy Clearing

Homes and workplaces absorb energy from those who have or are occupying the space. This could be positive or negative, but is especially detrimental if there has been long periods of anger, depression or chronic discontentment in that location. Clearings are always done from a place of compassion for all souls involved.
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5th Dimension Healing and Clearing

With these one-on-one sessions you will be cleared of unbalanced or discordant energies that don’t belong to you.  Relieving the weight of these energetic burdens allows you to rise to your highest vibrational self.  In this state, energy flows smoothly, releasing blockages, allowing the physical and energetic bodies to return to balance.

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Intuitive Readings

Is there an issue or situation in your life that you’d like additional clarity about? Your Higher Self has information for you, and it’s possible to get access to that information through an intuitive reading with pendulum confirmation. Specific tools and techniques will be given to help shift your energy and bring you into alignment so you can move forward.

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Life Path Alignment

Ever wondered “What’s the point”? Or felt that you landed on the wrong planet? You haven’t, it’s just that you lost your GPS connection. Finding your life’s path does not necessarily mean your career, but your purpose.  This work connects you with the flow of Universal energy so that it becomes easier to find and follow your life’s path.

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What's New

Fairs and Expos 2017

Join us at your local holistic event and walk away with tools you can put into practice immediately!

Wing Wrap

There are times when we all need a little extra protection or buffer zone between us and the energies of others. This is not to create a wall or shell around us, but to give us the insulation and protection like feathers give birds and to help us deal with negative...

Energy Clearing Products

Energy Clearing Spray
Funky Ju-Ju Be Gone!

Just grab a bottle, shake it and spray, then feel that funky juju go away! This clearing spray is great for use in homes, public spaces, and when traveling.  It was designed with healthcare workers and highly sensitive people in mind.   It is lightly scented with pure...

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Boost My Vibes
Elevates the Spirit, Calms the Mind

When you want to shift to a place of peaceful balance, take 3 deep breaths, then give Boost a spray up and away, allowing good vibes to rain your way.  Spray it before going into a meeting, or after a challenging conversation.  It is great for enhancing your...

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Energy Clearing Bath Salts
Funky Ju-Ju Be Gone!

Ever been energetically slimed by someone else’s funky juju? Sometimes it’s so sticky you have to soak it off. This energy clearing bath salt was designed with healthcare workers and highly sensitive people in mind.   It's great after a long day at the office to help...

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